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Welcome to the website of the Parkinson’s Disease Nurse Specialist Association (PDNSA).

Based in the UK, the association was established in 1999 to act as an international resource and network for specialist nurses and allied healthcare professionals working in the field of Parkinson’s disease management.

The PDNSA allows professionals to share knowledge, expertise and best practice and provides a support network for members. The PDNSA is completely autonomous but collaborates closely with other organisations to promote the role of the Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist, and to provide developmental opportunities, education and support.


PDNSA Conference 2023 - save the date

This year's conference will be held on 6th and 7th September 2023.


PDNSA Committee 2023

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Conference 2022 presentations:

Is it Menopause or is it Parkinson’s ?
Women and Parkinson’s – The evidence base
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Parkinson’s Excellence Network Awards 2023

Enter the Parkinson’s Excellence Network Awards 2023 and celebrate the important role which Parkinson’s nurses play in supporting people with Parkinson’s.

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Join Us or Renew your Membership 

As part of our expanding services for members we are offering the chance for everyone to join online.  You will benefit from the annual PDNSA conference, discussion forum and other great benefits all for a small annual sum of £25.

Membership categories

  • Full PDNSA membership is open to all Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists, Neurology Nurse Specialists working primarily in the field of Parkinson’s disease in the UK and EEC Countries. Cost £25 per annum.
  • Associate membership is open to all other nurses, health and social care professionals who have an interest in Parkinson’s disease. Cost £15 per annum.
  • Overseas membership is available for any nurse, health and social care professional living outside the UK and EEC. Cost £15 per annum.